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Currently In Stock


Here is a list of our fresh produce currently in stock at Hayward Farms, at 765 Kilmalu Road in Mill Bay. 

For wholesale orders, contact us by email at, or by telephone at 250-419-2458

Come and visit our farm store - official opening August 2020. 

We can't wait to meet you! 

To learn more about Ron and Morgan Hayward, visit our About Us page!



Our blueberries are in stock! Come by our farm and pick up some delicious Cowichan Valley blueberries, grown with no pesticides, no herbicides, and no chemical fertilizers. 

Available by the pint, or for large-scale orders.

Garlic Scapes


While garlic itself may still be a few months away from harvest, we currently have delicious garlic scapes in stock, grown in our nutrient-rich, pesticide-free garden in Mill Bay.

Garlic scapes are delicious simply sauteed in oil for a lovely spring side dish. They have a more mellow taste than garlic - imagine a mix of garlic, green onions, and chives.



Kale is a leaf cabbage and belongs to the cabbage family. It's incredibly nutritious, as well as many dark leafy greens. Kale is fibrous and tougher than spinach leaves, and is chock-full of beneficial nutrients.

Our kale is grown and harvested in the Cowichan Valley, and hand-picked at our family farm.

Currently in stock at Hayward Farms is red kale, green kale, and curly kale.



In stock now at Hayward Farms - Cowichan Valley planted and grown purple-headed turnips. These vegetables are delicious simply boiled, with salt, or lightly roasted. 

Often confused with rutabagas, turnips are actually a cousin of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, arugula and kale - and not a root vegetable.

Tokyo Silky Sweet Turnips


Now in stock - Tokyo silky sweet turnips. These turnips are sweeter than purple top turnips - and can be eaten raw! 

Often confused with rutabagas, turnips are actually a cousin of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, arugula and kale - and not a root vegetable.



Beautiful and vibrant Island-grown radishes are now in stock at Hayward Farms in Mill Bay. 

All of our Cowichan Valley produce is grown with no pesticides or chemicals. Enjoy farm fresh product - from our family, to your table.



Fresh and local BC blackberries now in stock at Hayward Farms. Grown on our farm, with no pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers and no chemicals. Enjoy fresh blackberries - from our farm, to your table!



Our fresh raspberries are grown and picked by hand on our farm - all grown with no pesticides or herbicides. At Hayward Farms we believe in farm-to-table produce - from our family, to yours!

Snow Peas


Enjoy local fresh snow peas, grown on our family farm in Mill Bay.

Snow peas are tender and meant to be eaten - shell and all. Simply trim off the ends and eat raw, or cooked in stir-fries and any other delicious recipes!

Snap Peas


Snap peas are out! Stop by our farm to pick up fresh grown snap peas in the Cowichan Valley with no chemicals, fertilizers, or herbicides.

Unlike snow peas, snap peas are best when shelled - unless you're eating them raw! 

Shelling Peas


Fresh, local shelling peas are now in stock at Hayward Farms in Mill Bay, BC. 

These peas require their tough outer shell to be removed before eating, which is half the fun! Delicious and sweet, these are truly a treat. 

Duck Eggs


What came first, the chicken egg, or the duck egg?

Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs, and have a much more rich flavor. You can easily substitute these anywhere you would use eggs. The yolks are much larger, and more nutrient-rich than chicken eggs.

Come and try some for yourself. Our ducks are raised outdoors, with plenty of room to roam our large farm.

Chicken Eggs


Now in stock - Cowichan Valley raised chicken eggs. Our chickens are raised free-range and roam our outdoor pasture freely and happily. 

Come and visit our family farm and pick up some chicken eggs!

Limited Quantity Available

From Our Herb Garden


Now in stock at Hayward Farms - from our hand-grown herb gardens, we're harvesting locally-grown mint, oregano, sage and thyme. All of our produce and herbs are grown with no chemical fertilizer, and no pesticides. Come and enjoy the produce from our family farm in the Cowichan Valley.

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